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Common Core Math Playlists

Virtual Manipulatives

Number Sense – Whole Numbers

Number Sense – Integers

Multiplicative and Proportional Reasoning

Number Sense – Fractions

Number Sense – Decimal and Percent

Algebraic Structures Module

Geometry and Measurement Module

Grade Level Common Core Math Playlists (Standardized Test Reviews)

Common Core Standardized Test Review

Grade 3/4 Playlist (21 Review Questions)

Grade 5/6 Playlist (25 Review Questions)

Grade 6 Common Core Math Mixed Review (Summer Review)

Grade 7/8 (19 Review Questions)

Percent Application: Determine an Original Price Using a Tape (Bar) Diagram

This video solves a percent problem using a tape diagram.

Intro to a Variable as a Changing Value or Placeholder

This video defines a variable and provides examples of a variable used as a changing value or a placeholder

Determine the Gradient of a Function of Three Variables – Polynomial

This video explains how to determine the gradient vector field of a function of three variables.


Graph 3D Vectors Using 3D Calc Plotter

This video explains how to plot points in 3D using 3D Calc Plotter.

Use Traces of a Surface to Select the Equation of the Surface (Ex 2)

This video explains how to determine the traces of function of two variables and then match given traces to the correct function.