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Show Tangent Lines to a Surface Using 3D Calc Plotter – Directional Derivative

This video using 3D Calc Plotter to illustrate the meaning of a directional derivative.

Write a Linear Equation from a Table of Values (Common Core Math 7/8 Ex 15)

This video explains how to write a linear equation in slope intercept form from a table of values.

Graph a Line Given the Slope and Y-intercept (Common Core Math 7/8 Ex 9)

This video reviews how to graph a line given the slope and y-intercept.

What is Calculus?

This video give a brief introduction to Calculus.  It also provide an example of an instantaneous rate of change from a graph and the meaning of area under a function.

Ex: Determine an Average Cost Function and Function Value

This video explains how to determine a cost function, average cost function, and evaluate an average cost function.

Ex: Find a Linear Cost Function From Ordered Pairs and Interpret the Slope and Vertical Intercept

This video explains how to determine a linear cost function from two sets of ordered pairs.

Ex: Determine the Rate of Change and Fixed Cost of a Linear Cost Function

This video explains how to identify the constant rate of change and Initial Value of a linear cost function.