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Determine The Value of Basic Exponential Expressions (Common Core 5/6 Math Ex 1)

This video explains how to simplify basic exponential expressions.

Find an Error and Simplify an Expression (Common Core Math 5/6 Ex 13)

This video explains how to find an error when simplifying an expression and then simplify the expression correctly using the order of operations.

Ex: Write a Linear Equation Given Fixed and Variable Costs

The video explains how to write a linear equation in slope intercept form for total cost given fixed and variable costs.  The equation is then used to answer questions.

Ex: Linear Function Application – Find Revene, Cost, Profit Functions and Breakeven Point

This video explains how to find the revenue, cost, and profit functions.  (linear)  Then the break even point is found.

Ex: Determine the Linear Cost Revenue, and Profit Functions From a Story

This video explains how to find the linear cost, revenue, and profit functions from a story.  The functions are also evaluated.

Ex: Evaluate Functions and Composite Function in Context of a Story (Graphing Calculator)

This video explains how to evaluate functions and composite functions on the graphing calculator in context of a story problem.

Ex: Simplex Method – Given a Tabeau, Determine the Pivot Column and Pivot Row

This video provides several examples of determining the pivot column and pivot row given a tableau.