About This Blog

This site was created to provide video tutorials for a variety of levels of mathematics.  The goal of the videos are to provide an understanding of the topic and to provide examples of the concepts.  My desire is to provide more than sample problems worked out but to try to explain the concepts. I am currently teaching mathematics at Phoenix College, in Phoenix, Arizona.  My direct email is bullcleo1@yahoo.com Teaching Experience

  • 14 years at the community college level (current)
  • 5 years at the high school level
  • 1 year at the middle school level

Educational Background

  • MS in Mathematics from Cal State East Bay
  • Secondary Teaching Credential in Math with CLAD Certification from Cal State East Bay
  • BA in Management with an emphasis in Marketing from Sonoma State University
  • Certificate of Teaching Online through UCSD

Courses Taught

  • Arithmetic, Introductory Algebra, Intermediate Algebra, Geometry, College Math, College Algebra, Precalculus, Brief Calculus, Calculus 1, Calculus 2, Calculus 3.

You can search the current videos available on YouTube and can be found in sequence on my website.

All videos are closed captioned and ADA compliant.

29 thoughts on “About This Blog

  1. I can not thank you enough for the clip you did on simplifying fractions. I am starting college at Kent State University at the Stark campus in the spring. I graduated clear back in 1991, got married, had kids and never gave a second thought to math until I wanted to go to college to become a teacher. I am trying to work on learning as much as I can on my own before I enter the classroom and your method of simplifying fractions with prime factorization gave me hope! I am planning to be an English/Social Studies teacher for grades 4-9 so math will not be a big part of my major, but I will have to make it through the basics to get to my goal. Thank you for sharing your method, I may be able to sleep without dreaming I am flunking core math one!

  2. This is an awesome site.
    I am using video tutorials in my classroom to help my sixth graders better understand the lessons I cover.
    Very cool.
    Many thanks

  3. This is such a great resource that you are supplying and you give it away for free of charge. I love seeing web sites that realize the benefit of supplying a quality reference for free. Thanks for this wonderful source of information!

  4. Two of your videos for epsilon delta limits proofs are the best presentations that I have found anywhere, books or most other videos. Now I know how to do some of these proofs and have done a few. I never could do them or understand before.

  5. You are much better than other teachers on internet. You take those problems everyone else avoids. You prepare the information you teach perfectly. That of all shows how much you care and what a great man you are. Great headlines and it’s easy to find what you are looking for. You’ve also add the video in perfect order. Great work!

  6. Thank you. I have a bs in math (graduated 1983-long time ago). I found these videos very useful in many way. The way the subject matter is taught is excellent.

  7. Thank you, I’ve nevered commented on a youtube video only because i had no time. But you deserve more then this post. please keep it up for everyone.

  8. Because of you I went from a math failure to a math success! I will forever be grateful! Your videos were clear in their explanation and extremely helpful.

  9. You are so unbelievable! Thank you for the videos on tangent and normal components of position, velocity and acceleration. Explained so much better than my prof! =DD

  10. I really appreciate your website and math tutorials. I am beginning a difficult course in January and I forget too much about algebra, trig and math. You have really helped me to “re-learn” it all. Your explanations are so simple and easy to follow. Thank you very much indeed.

  11. Thank you so much! I’m in 6th grade , but we do college math in our math classes.At first I didn’t understand anything the teacher was teaching, but now, I understand because of your videos. I’m confident to get a good grade on the upcoming test !

  12. Hello James Sousa! I am just so thankful to you for presenting Mathematics in such an interesting and clever way! You are by far the best Professor I ever listened and tried learning from because I feel that you teach from heart and that is what I think a lot of teachers are lacking. Nevertheless, I hope that you will definitely continue to produce more videos because your site has become the most valuable resource for education to me!

  13. Amazing Videos!! Can you tell me, which hardware and software you are using for producing such great videos, plz?

  14. We have been incorporating your fabulous videos in our blended pre-algebra class.
    We have been linking to them on TeacherTube, since YouTube presents so many other problems.
    We have come across only one issue so far:
    the video entitled Ex: Comparing Integers Using Inequalities does not seem to be on TeacherTube, only on YouTube.
    Is it perhaps hidden under a different name, or has it not been uploaded onto TeacherTube yet?

    If you could please either give us the url on TeacherTube or upload it, if it hasn’t been uploaded already, we would greatly appreciate it.
    We expect our students to be ready to view it by early next week.

    Thank you for the wonderful contribution you are making to math education!
    You are bringing great benefit to students around the globe!

  15. Thank you so much, your videos are awesome, they help me a lot with understand, can ‘t imagine how can i learn this stuff just reading books, thanks a lot~~

  16. I am very grateful for things in life and honestly watching your videos on math is truly amazing. I currently am in Calc 3 and moving on to Differential Equations and you are the reason why. Please helping others understand that math is the “UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE”.

    God Bless you and Thanks for your time. YOU ROCK!!

  17. This is by far the most, comprehensive, concise and straight-forward mathematics resource on the internet! I have used many, and there are certainly other good sites, anyways , your site is so awesome I had to leave this thank you! And also in hopes of encouraging those who think math is difficult (there are no royal roads…) however; a good and communicative instructor ( and artist, as you combine both, impeccably!) makes the difference.


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