Website with Videos Organized by Course

Please visit to view all video organized by course and topic in sequence.

6 thoughts on “Website with Videos Organized by Course

  1. hello and appreciate the info Ive absolutely picked up something new from your blog. I however ran into some techie difficulties by using this blog. I was curious about if your hosting is fine? Not Im filing a complaint, but sluggish loading times might probably influence your position in google and can hurt your high quality articles on this blog. Anyway I am putting your RSS to my email and can look for much more of your fascinating posts..

  2. This is a free version of wordpress. I notice the search feature does not always do a great job finding my tags. Maybe I should look to host it elsewhere?

  3. I have the problem of Youtube being blocked, but cannot find you on Teachertube? Your link above to your homepage does not work.

    Thanks for all you do! Your videos are great!

  4. I discovered how wonderful your videos are in September. I teach Beginning Algebra (Developmental), Intermediate Algebra, Precalculus and Business Math. Your slides are spectacular, color exactly where needed and your explanations are clear. My question is about the Phoenix College site – every time I try to get to the section where I can choose a course, none of the drop down menus appear. It looks so much easier than going through the list on Youtube. Any suggestions?

    Thank you so much

    • You are correct that the Phoenix College site is not working properly. I’ll have to check with IT. However, if you go to and select a library you can then press Control F. You can then type in a topic and it will highlight all the relevant videos on the page. I’ve found this more helpful than the other site. The Phoenix College site is also not being updated any longer. I hope this helps.

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