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Estimate the Value of Products Involving Fractions (Common Core Math 5/6 Ex 24)

This video explains how to estimate products involving fractions.

Find the Product of Two 2 Digit Numbers (Common Core Math 5/6 Ex 21)

This video explains how to find the product to two 2 digit numbers.

Write a Multiplication Equation From a Word Problem (Common Core 3/4 Math Ex 15)

This video explains how to write a multiplication equation from a given word problem.

Determine A Light Coin Among Six Identical Coins In Two Weighings

This video explains how to determine which coin out of 6 identical coins is light using only 2 weighings on a balance scale.

Proof – the Derivative of a Constant Times a Function: d/dx[cf(x)]

This video proves the derivative of a constant times a function equals the constant time the derivative of f(x).

Multiplicaton of Polynomials (L3.4)

This video provides several examples of how to multiply polynomials.

Simplifing Algebraic Expressions (L2.5)

This video explains how to simplify algebraic expressions.