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Discover the Rule for Solving Inequality (Inequality Web)

This video helps to understand the rule of reversing an inequality symbol with multiplying or dividing by a negative.

Ex: Simplex Method – Perform the Pivot Operation Given a Tableau

This video explains how to perform the pivot operation when using the simplex method to maximize an objective function.

Write Basic Functions from Applications – One Step

This video provides 4 examples of how to write basic functions from applications.

SAT Math (Numbers and Operations) – Practice 3.2

The video provides an explanation of a practice SAT math question involving numbers and operations.  View or download the practice questions at

Ex: Find an Inverse Function From a Table

This video explains how to determine the inverse of a function when the original function is given in the form of a table.

Write a Matrix as a Product of Elementary Matrices

This video explains how to write a matrix as a product of elementary matrices.

Elementary Matrices

This video defines elementary matrices and then provides several examples of determining if a given matrix is an elementary matrix.