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Solve an Inequality (-(4m-5)+3)/4<6

This video explains how to solve an inequality with a fraction and parentheses.

Add Absolute Value Symbols to Make an Inequality True (Common Core Math 7/8 Ex 14)

This video explains how to add absolute value symbols to make an inequality true.

Describe Sums and Differences of Integers (Common Core Math 7/8 Ex 19)

This video explains how to find sums and differences of integers and then describe them as greater than 0, less than 0, or equal to 0.

Estimate the Value of Products Involving Fractions (Common Core Math 5/6 Ex 24)

This video explains how to estimate products involving fractions.

Compare Integers with Inequality Symbols (Common Core Math 5/6 Ex 12)

This video explains how to compare integers using inequality symbols by using the number line.

Movie Puzzle – Cheaper To Take One Friend Three Time or Three Friends Once?

This video explains whether is is less expensive to take one friend to the movie three times or to take three friends to the movies one time.

Ex: Determine Solutions to Inequalities in One Variable

This video explains how to graphically determine if given values are in the solution set of an  inequality in one variable.