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Ex: Find the Volume of a Sphere When the Radius is a Fraction with a Radical

This video explains how to find the exact volume of a sphere with the given radius is a Fraction containing a cube root.

Find the Volume of Common Solids

This video provides several example of how to determine the volume of common 3 dimensional solids.

Ex: Use a Tangent Line to Approximate a Cube Root Function Value – Chain Rule

This video explains how to use a tangent line to make a linear approximation for the function value of a cube root function.

Ex: Determine Where a Function has Tangent Lines Parallel to a Given Line

This video explains how to find points on a function where the tangent lines will be parallel to  a given linear equation.

Ex: Find the Derivative of a Function Containing Radicals

This video explains how to find the derivative of a function containing radicals.

Graphing Transformations of the Cube Root Function

This video explains how to graph transformations of the basic cube root function.

Simplifying Radical Expressions With Fractions

This video explains how to simplify radical expressions with fractions.


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